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Your mitochondria — the “power plants” of your cells — create the energy you need to run, think, and even get out of bed. They also create the energy your cells use to restore themselves. However, mitochondria production gradually slows as you age, which can lead to a massive drop in energy, vitality, and cellular function. But by using natural compounds like PQQ and NADH, Midogen helps your body create fresh, new mitochondria to give your cells the fuel they need to thrive. So if you’ve dealt with a low energy, “brain fog,” or a loss of motivation as you’ve gotten older — depleted mitochondria levels may play a part in this, and Midogen was created for you. Midogen has been shown to: -Support cellular function -Boost natural energy -Promote healthy mitochondria production -Help defend against harmful free radicals -Promote clearer thinking


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